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ICW designs and manufactures bespoke windows and glazing for many different industrial applications.


ICW has a wide range of solutions for glazed systems where security is a major consideration.

Mobile Display

Here at ICW we manufacture custom windows and doors for mobile display units.


Here at ICW we have been involved in suppling glazing to the Healthcare field for many years, vision access panels for clean rooms in pharmaceutical companies are a prime example of this.


ICW has many years of experience in supplying glazing solutions to fairground ride manufacturers & operators.


ICW works with a number of customers who supply the events industry.

Food & Drink

ICW provides a number of solutions for the food & drink, manufacture & storage sector, be it in food preparation areas or cold stores.


ICW works with a number of customers who supply customised solutions to the hospitality industry.


ICW has experience in providing specialist solutions for one off projects

Recent Projects

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