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Acoustic Applications Project

The Challenge

Acoustic Applications is a West Yorkshire who specialise in environmental enclosure systems & industrial noise control. They commissioned ICW (UK) Ltd to design and install silver polyester powder coated double glazed window units, utilising a combination of both 10mm thick clear toughened glass and 6.4mm thick tinted `Optilam’ glass, all for their brand new `Plasma Cutting Machine’ enclosures.

The brief was very strict and the deadline was tight but the team was dedicated to meeting the specifics that were required.

The Solution

ICW UK (Ltd) design team has more than 50 years experience in bespoke specifications required for specialised industrial projects such as this. The windows had to be tough enough to keep excessive noise out while giving operators maximum visibility. The project called on the skill and know how of the team to design a tough, transparent and resilient windows that would also withstand flying debris, noise and vibration. ICW (UK) Ltd delivered this project on time, conforming to the requirements of Acoustic Applications. The design and high quality windows were:

• acoustically insulated
• provide resistance to internal damage from flying debris
• protect from plasma arc glare (UV light) for anyone looking into the enclosed areas.

The team worked extensively to meet the brief whilst also meeting the correct health and safety measures.
The project was on time and to perfection, delivering well structured glazing for the units. The client was extremely satisfied with the work provided.
George Hough – Technical Sales Director for Acoustic Applications said: “Our brief was to provide an Acoustic Enclosure for a Plasma Cutting Machine incorporating double-glazed vision panels which had to be resistant to internal damage by flying debris, had to reduce noise breakout by a minimum of 40dB, and also protect personnel outside the machine enclosure from plasma arc glare (UV light).

“To achieve this, the expertise & experience of ICW were the obvious choice for us. ICW provided us with double-glazed units having inner panes of toughened clear glass (to withstand flying debris) and outer panes of Optilam Medium Brown tinted laminated safety glass (which has 100% UV absorptance, allowing no UV light whatsoever through the glass and 19% light transmittance) – both panes being mounted within low profile satin aluminium frames having hidden face fixings for easy replacement in the event of damage or breakage.

What our clients say...

"ICW (UK) Ltd became a valued supplier to Group Rhodes when we needed high quality glazing and fittings for an international project.

The ICW (UK) Ltd team was able to design a bespoke glazing solution that fulfilled the unique needs of the end product protecting its integrity. Their work was to a high standard and their service was reliable being delivered on time."

Group Rhodes

"Having worked with other window suppliers in the past, ICW’s service is outstanding by comparison; they are efficient, the re-order process is nice and simple and they are a trusting and trustworthy company to work with."

Ben Hartland K9 Grooming supplies

"ICW provide us with a friendly, flexible and adaptable service which enables us in turn to meet our own clients’ requirements in a similar fashion.”

Andy Croxton, Commercial Director, Stancold
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