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Bence manufacture bespoke mobile health and hospitality units. All their units are custom made with the client providing often demanding briefs for fulfilment in sensitive sectors such as health and scientific research. Like ICW they are committed to designing high quality products to client specification, within budget and in tight timescales.

The challenge

They came to ICW recently when they were commissioned by NHS Northern Ireland to manufacture a number of mobile breast screening units. The units have to be built to BSI and provide a sterile, sound proof environment that ensures patients remain confident of their dignity at all times. Operating in the public sector they have tight budgets and often can order but not take delivery of product all at once. While this gives suppliers guarantee of a pipeline of work it doesn’t guarantee delivery demanding suppliers have flexibility and are athletic enough to fulfil projects at short notice.

The Solution

ICW has a track record in this sector having recently provided windows and doors for NHS Scotland mobile breast screening units. This inspired Bence with the confidence to turn to ICW confident they could provide the quality of product the unit demanded within a strict budget and in a timely manner.

Able to interpret Bence designs was just one part of the design equation that ICW had to work around. Bence prides itself on manufacturing units which will withstand the elements providing longevity as well as being robust enough to travel across tough terrains to reach remote locations. ICW was able to manufacture windows and doors that would bith fit the units and fit in with the demands of the end user.

ICW was able to call on previous experience to manufacture just the right number of windows and doors as and when Bence had to construct the complete mobile units to guarantee delivery for NHS Northern Ireland. ICW also understood the design strictures that Bence would be operating within to ensure the high quality of discreet and sterile unit needed.

The Outcome

NHS Northern Ireland got the health screening units they needed and Bence was delighted with timelines, pricing and most importantly quality.

James Brown – MD of Bence said:

In the current financial environment it is not often that one gets the opportunity to write a letter of appreciation to a good supplier. Bence have been building trailers for medical use since the early 1980’s and for the last 20 years we have been buying windows and doors from Margaret and the team at ICW.

They had the foresight to specially design windows suitable for use in a mobile environment. This has paid dividends for us over the years as our vehicles are noted for their longevity and resistance to ingress of the elements. A critical part of this has been to have robust, well-made windows and doors.

So thank you ICW, please keep doing the same thing.

What our clients say...

"ICW (UK) Ltd became a valued supplier to Group Rhodes when we needed high quality glazing and fittings for an international project.

The ICW (UK) Ltd team was able to design a bespoke glazing solution that fulfilled the unique needs of the end product protecting its integrity. Their work was to a high standard and their service was reliable being delivered on time."

Group Rhodes

"Having worked with other window suppliers in the past, ICW’s service is outstanding by comparison; they are efficient, the re-order process is nice and simple and they are a trusting and trustworthy company to work with."

Ben Hartland K9 Grooming supplies

"ICW provide us with a friendly, flexible and adaptable service which enables us in turn to meet our own clients’ requirements in a similar fashion.”

Andy Croxton, Commercial Director, Stancold
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