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Bespoke service leads to long working relationship

SPEEDY delivery of custom made windows has led to a successful 20+ year working relationship between ICW UK Ltd and their customer Aspire Group 360.

Experts in the design and manufacture of bespoke doors for industry and commerce, Aspire Group 360 from Chadderton, near Oldham know very well that two doors are never the same.

Wakefield based ICW UK Ltd has a history of providing innovative glazing systems for a diverse client base including the healthcare, motor racing, hospital and manufacturing sectors. Their project manager, Justin Parfitt, has been working with ICW UK Ltd since 1996.

“We produce a wide range of doors mainly for use in factories across many industries and as they need to fit a variety of openings, they are largely bespoke made,” explained Justin.

“As well as making to size, we also offer fire rated and temperature controlled doors.”

Custom made doors require bespoke windows which is where ICW UK Ltd come in.

“They work with us on designing and supplying windows for our doors particularly those for clean rooms and cold stores where they need to be fully insulated, thermally sealed with a hygienic clean finish and no ledges to prevent contaminant / dust build-up,” said Justin.

A particular project requiring the innovative skills of both companies was for Newcastle University several years ago. Aspire had been tasked to make a door for a cold store which required a window that enabled people looking into the freezer unit not only to look straight ahead but also to the sides.

“It was more of a viewing pod than a window,” Justin explained. “The idea was that you put your head into the pod to look around. The glass needed to be heated from the outside but also insulated on the freezer side.”

Justin added: “This was one of our more unusual projects but we worked with ICW to perfect a design which met the client’s brief. No two doors are ever the same for us and this has to go for the windows we require too. ICW deliver quickly and efficiently as well as also providing us with a good back-up support service.”

What our clients say...

"ICW (UK) Ltd became a valued supplier to Group Rhodes when we needed high quality glazing and fittings for an international project.

The ICW (UK) Ltd team was able to design a bespoke glazing solution that fulfilled the unique needs of the end product protecting its integrity. Their work was to a high standard and their service was reliable being delivered on time."

Group Rhodes

"Having worked with other window suppliers in the past, ICW’s service is outstanding by comparison; they are efficient, the re-order process is nice and simple and they are a trusting and trustworthy company to work with."

Ben Hartland K9 Grooming supplies

"ICW provide us with a friendly, flexible and adaptable service which enables us in turn to meet our own clients’ requirements in a similar fashion.”

Andy Croxton, Commercial Director, Stancold
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