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Used in industrial applications such as control rooms. Easily fitted to steel fabrications & panelling.


Designed for use where single glazing is appropriate, supplied ready glazed & fixed using mechanical fixings such as pop rivets. Aperture will require capping with this window system, window can be fitted rapidly with mechanical fixings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Face fixed with plastic cover strip to conceal fixings
  • Window comes ready glazed, saves time on site coupled with less chance of glass breakage
  • Mechanical fixed no need to wait for bonding to set
  • Options for frame finish
  • Different glazing options
  • Can be used as secondary glazing
  • Can be supplied as a sliding window

What our clients say...

"ICW (UK) Ltd became a valued supplier to Group Rhodes when we needed high quality glazing and fittings for an international project.

The ICW (UK) Ltd team was able to design a bespoke glazing solution that fulfilled the unique needs of the end product protecting its integrity. Their work was to a high standard and their service was reliable being delivered on time."

Group Rhodes

"Having worked with other window suppliers in the past, ICW’s service is outstanding by comparison; they are efficient, the re-order process is nice and simple and they are a trusting and trustworthy company to work with."

Ben Hartland K9 Grooming supplies

"ICW provide us with a friendly, flexible and adaptable service which enables us in turn to meet our own clients’ requirements in a similar fashion.”

Andy Croxton, Commercial Director, Stancold
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