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Glazing For Yorkshire Wildlife Park

ICW designed the glazing for the new leopard enclosure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to a very specific brief taking into consideration the need to ensure the Amur leopards were safely protected and visitors could get the best possible experience. Careful consideration had to be given to the impact of a fully grown leopard crashing into the glass at speed.

The top tourist attraction called on ICW (UK) Ltd, which has a history of providing innovative glazing systems for diverse industries such as health care, motor racing, hospitality and manufacturing. But the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a first in animal conservation.

“The Wildlife Park wanted to create a highly visible enclosure that could contain three heavy animals who could feasibly thrown their full body weight at the glass,” explained ICW (UK) Ltd founder and MD, Margaret Wood.

“We had to design a system that was both tough, yet wouldn’t harm the animals if they did collide into it at speed,” she added. “It was also important that visitors would be able to fully appreciate the three in their magnificence.

“We were also on a tight time frame.” But ICW (UK) Ltd stepped up to the mettle and delivered.

Visitors can see Drake, Denzil and Dimitri climb across a new frame in close proximity confident they are supporting the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) conservation drive.

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