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Glazing support for fairground operators

IF you’ve ever paid for a ride at a fairground in the UK, the chances are the ticket booth you are at has been designed and built by JHW Designs.

The family run Walsall based business works with fairground operators across the UK to create ticket booths and pay kiosks to meet their exact requirements.

To provide such a bespoke service themselves, JHW Designs need a flexible, tailored approach from their suppliers which is why they go to ICW (UK) Ltd in Wakefield for their windows and doors.

“We design and build booths for fairgrounds which are used by operators to run the rides and take payment. All are different and tailored to reflect the design of the rides they support. Some booths are static but others need to be portable for travelling fairs,” explained JHW Designs’ James Williams.

“We need the glass in the windows and doors to be a toughened safety glass of BS quality suitable for transport. I heard about ICW through a friend’s recommendation some 10 years ago. They have always met my requirements, helping me out where they can so I have no reason to look elsewhere.”

ICW (UK) Ltd has a long history of providing innovative glazing systems for diverse industries such as healthcare, motor racing, hospitality and manufacturing.

“Fairground operators like to have their own individual look and JHW Designs enable this with the booths they create for them. Bespoke booths require individually produced windows and doors which is where we come in. The units we supply are custom-made to fit in with the design and size of the booths overall, often featuring different tints to the glass and varying colour frames,” commented ICW MD Stephen Chapman.

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