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ICW (UK) Ltd chair to launch Wakefield Business Week

ICW (UK) LTD’s chair, Margaret Wood is set to launch Wakefield Business Week in October as the district looks to capitalise on its reputation as a hub of manufacturing and innovation.

Having joined the High Value Manufacturing Catapult board and as a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology Margaret is well placed to share insight for budding entrepreneurs and inventors and inspire with her own personal story.

Sharing a platform with Mark Ridgeway, of the Rhodes Group, which like ICW (UK) Ltd exports around the globe and is home to multiple early start innovations, Margaret is keen to encourage other manufacturing businesses in the district to develop their first stage innovations.

“At the HVM Catapult we are privileged to see many seed ideas in their formative stages,” she said. “These new ideas are going to take on greater importance in the coming months and years as the UK faces up to some of its greatest business and manufacturing challenges,” she added.

“Manufacturers in Wakefield often pioneer ideas that become part of something much bigger and I want to make more aware of the opportunity presented by collaboration and embracing technology,” she added.

“I will never forget that Wakefield gave me an opportunity when I started ICW (UK) Ltd more than 25 years ago, by inspiring the next generation manufacturers I hope to be able to give it something back.”

Wakefield Business Week is launched on October 1 at Unity Hall.  Book your tickets here.

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