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Environmental Concerns

We have a sustainable approach to everything we do, understanding how are role effects the environment locally & globally. As with any manufacturing company, we know that manufacturing is an energy-intensive process. As a responsible company, ICW takes every possible step to reduce its carbon footprint & waste generation. We do this in the following ways:


ICW recycles any rejected glass, this helps the environment, as it takes much less energy to reuse glass than manufacture it from raw materials. All off cuts of aluminium are sent for re-process and we re-use as much packaging material as possible. We make every attempt to avoid sending waste to landfill.

Air emissions

We operate from a modern industrial unit which is well insulated, with modern gas heating which reduces our emissions to a minimum from burning gas for heating. Our factory makes use of natural light to a great extent thus reducing our reliance on artificial light, all our lighting is low energy which is therefore better for the environment.

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