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Composite Windows

ICW composite windows give the customer the choice of different opening window systems, which can be mixed with fixed windows or other opening window systems as required, an example of this would be a small slide opening window for ventilation fitted above a none opening lower window. They feature robust extruded aluminium frames, they can be glazed with 6mm polycarbonate for food preparation areas, toughened 5mm or 6mm glass for commercial operations, 4mm or 6mm transport glass to BSAU178A E11 for transport use. Double glazing & double glazing with integral venetian blinds are also available depending upon the opening system required.


  • Choice of powder coated frame colours
  • Silver anodised frames
  • Clear 6mm polycarbonate glazing
  • Clear 5mm or 6mm toughened glass
  • Clear 4mm or 5mm transport glass to BSAU178A E11
  • Choice of glass tints: Grey, Bronze or Green
  • Choice of trim widths to suite different wall thicknesses
  • Choice of opening systems top pivot, side pivot, slide to side, slide up/down
  • Clear double glazed 6mm polycarbonate (Dependent on opening system)
  • Clear double glazed 5mm or 6mm toughened glass (Dependent on opening system)
  • Double glazed units with integral venetian blinds (Dependent on opening system)
  • Thermally broken frames (Dependent on opening system)


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