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Tata Steel South Yorkshire

Tata Steel is one of the major manufacturers in the UK. As part of its customer service and CSR it offers visitors the chance to look round the factory, including a tour of a view into a furnace. Visitors must be able to see clearly through glass that can keep out extremes of heat, light, noise and dirt while allowing perfect vision safely.


ICW realised that it would take a unique kind of window to deliver the protection from such diverse extremes while guaranteeing high visibility at all times to visitors. The design team created bespoke glazed units to BSI standards that are glazed to keep out glare and are heat, noise and dirt proof. Built into the viewing platforms they allow visitors, often VIPs, royal visitors, high profile clients and school parties the chance to get a 360 degree experience of the factory safely and securely. Suspended above furnaces operating at extreme heat they are not affected and retain their visibility properties at all times.

Tata is delighted they can showcase their state of the art manufacturing to customers, VIPs, royal visitors and school parties as part of their customer service and CSR policy.

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